Have you ever just needed a single sound / patch for your music production?

Created by Alan Hinton and Anthony Fairchild (, Patchbay was born from a time where the preset and
patch market is saturated with a massive supply and choice of patchbanks, presets and samples. Here at we believe the
time has come to pay only for the sound you need. Do away with purchasing a whole patchbank for that one awesome sound only
to never use the other 127 presets. Browse a growing library of patches for all the major and popular VSTi, with user created, tailor
made single patches for purchase at your leisure. Named by description and easily searchable for instant preview and purchase.



• Become part of the team
This is an amazing opportunity to promote and expose your talents on a fresh platform. If you are a sound designer you can upload
and manage your own patches to sell, check your sales and build up a network using our simple and intuitive upload system. For
more information on how to become a contributing member you can email ( ) or contact us through
the website.